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AQHA Performance Halter Class 7/6/2012

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By now, everyone has either seen the Performance Halter class, shown in the class or have seen it on a show bill. Are you asking yourself 'Do I qualify to show in Performance Halter class?' or 'What do I do to be able to show in Performance Halter class? 7/4/2012

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Congratulations to Kiersten Beckner and Kaitlin Eby 7/3/2012

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Thumb would like to congratulate Kiersten Beckner winning the 13 and under all around at the Jeff Bujack horse show in Berrien Springs. Also Kaitlin Eby on the novice youth 13 and under all around.

Myth: Don't let a horse roll, he may twist his gut. 7/2/2012

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Fact: This just does not happen. Veterinarians do not know why horses twist their guts. Your horse is rolling because he wants to lie down. When you have a belly ache, you lie down don't you?

It has been beaten into our minds over the years that horses need to be walked and not allowed to roll or they will twist their intestines when they are colicky. Truth is this just does not happen.

Truth is, we do not know why the intestines twist in horses. Horses have intestines that are free moving...