AQHA Performance Halter Class

By now, everyone has either seen the Performance Halter class, shown in the class or have seen it on a show bill. Are you asking yourself 'Do I qualify to show in Performance Halter class?' or 'What do I do to be able to show in Performance Halter class?'

The AQHA Performance Halter class was available to show in as of January 1, 2007. An AQHA show is required to offer this class in Open and Amateur divisions; stallions, mares, and geldings. Youth Performance Halter can only show mares and geldings. For those Select exhibitors, they are to show in the Amateur division. These classes are all-age, meaning horses of all ages show against each other no matter how young or old they may be. The main goal for Performance Halter class is to maintain the versatility of the industry's Halter horses and correct conformation in the Performance horse. Horses in Performance Halter class are eligible to compete for Grand and Reserve Champion Halter mare, gelding, and stallion.

Questioning if you can show in this class? The answer is yes, if your horse has earned a Performance Register of Merit (R.O.M.) in the division that it is to compete. A Racing Register of Merit is also eligible to compete in the Open Performance Halter division only.

Registers of Merits are designed to recognize outstanding performance. AQHA awards three R.O.M.'s - racing, halter/performance halter and also performance events. A R.O.M is awarded when any one horse/one rider earns 10 points in Open, Amateur/Select and Youth events. This Certificate issued by AQHA, is forever on your horse's show record once earned. The R.O.M. travels with the horse once under new ownership as long as the certificate is started and completed with same horse/rider.

Once your horse has earned his performance R.O.M. (10 points/division), you are now eligible to show in AQHA's Performance Halter class. You will be asked to show proof of that R.O.M. when entering classes. Present a copy of the R.O.M. or a print out of your horse's show record to the office management. Performance Halter points and Incentive Fund money will be awarded the same as any other AQHA class.

There are stipulations of showing in Performance Halter class. A horse may not be shown in its regular age division Halter class AND the Performance Halter class at the same show (for example: you can not show in Amateur Aged Geldings and also Amateur Performance Geldings at the same show).

Judged similarly to the regular Halter classes, judges want to see our performance horses balanced, structurally correct and straight legs with adequate muscling. It takes a delicate and correct nutritional balance of feed and hay to maintain proper weight. Judges typically prefer to not see a shadow of rib on those showing in Performance Halter.

Be aware of the proper way you should exhibit your Performance Halter horse. Remember, this isn't showmanship class. Show your horse to make him/her look the very best it can. Exhibitors need to stay out of the judge's line of vision as he/she is viewing the front and back or a profile of your horse. Do not cross over in front of your horse to interfere with the judge's view of your horse. Figure out what position your horse's head and neck needs to be to best show him/her. And,the most difficult job to show our performance horses will be, is to get them to look alert. Do your homework; does your horse perk-up for candy, grass, cookies, etc. ? Figure out what works for your horse and conceal it in your pockets or right hand as you show.

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